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Maha Manan ( Bengali Version )

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‘MAHA’ –is a society based on 'Maha Vad’, the path shown by Maha Anand –a great sage from India and world-teacher of the modern times.

     'Maha Jnan Mandal' ( a division of 'MAHA' ) is a spiritual and educational organization for self development. It is based upon ‘Maha Manan’ –a simple and effective method of 'Maha Atma Vikash Yoga'. The Art of Better Living’ and ‘pure meditation’ are included in 'Maha Anand’s self development program.

     ‘Maha Jnan Mandal’  organization makes us self conscious and helps us to find our identity. It also gives a simple and sure method for self–development and realization. 'Maha Anand' the founder of ‘MAHA’  gives us the perfect way and method thru which we can develop ourselves. We need not retreat from society and responsibilities. We can continue living a family life, with a job and all that we need. We can get full success thru this system of 'Maha Atma Vikash Yoga’. With continued practice, our life will be changed soon. We become complete beings, and successful in what we do. Knowledge, peace, and love become our life companions.

    'Maha Manan' is the right path to self knowledge –it will make your life beautiful, happy and peaceful. You will enjoy life more fully. The key to success is self realization and self expression.


Come and learn from our society.

Step into the ‘Maha Jnan Mandal’ .     

You will be surprised to find the Giant that you are.


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