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Maha Manan ( Bengali Version )



Now you are entering in an amazing new world !

the world of peace and joy, the world of true knowledge, the world of Divine light, all you ever wanted. Here you will discover many new things , even yourself. Here an amazing new life is awaiting you.





The great religion of Maha Anand ––the great preceptor, the great humanitarian, the great sage of the modern age. A true fair and joyful religion that helps to bloom the Mind, without any bad side like superstition, malice– hatred, cruelty, malpractice. There are two way in ‘Maha Vad’, one is ‘Maha Manan’––the way of true spiritual knowledge and self-development. Other is ‘Maha Sadhana’––the way of devotion–the way of pure love––eternal love.



( Maha Anand Holy Association


A true spiritual and new religious society based on ‘Maha Vad’ ––the doctrine taught by ‘Maha Anand’. There are two wings(paths) in ‘MAHA’, one is ‘Maha Jnan Mandal’( based on ‘Maha manan’––for those who are fond of truth, those who want self-development, self-realization, self-knowledge and true spiritual knoledge.) and other is ‘Maha Anand Mandal’( based on Maha Sadhana–– for those who want to communicate with God through devotion and for eternal lover).


Maha Jnan Mandal


   A modern society for science and spiritual conscious men, who have eagerness for self-knowledge, self-realization and self-development, who are fond of truth. 

  ‘Maha Jnan Mandal’ and it’s all programs are based on ‘Maha manan’( one of two paths of ‘Maha Vad’)–– The path of blooming consciousness, the way of true spiritual knowledge. 

   If you want to make your life more beautiful, happy and peaceful, If you want to enjoy the life more nicely, If you want to get a healthy and prosperous life, come and join our society. There an amazing new world is awaiting you!                       


 Maha Anand Mandal

A modern society for devotees and eternal lovers. If you want to be included yourself in an eternal joyful–– peaceful––loving world and if you want to enjoy a lovely delightful life with full of eternal love–– joy and peace, ‘Maha Sadhana’(one of two paths of ‘Maha Vad’ ) is the right way for you. There, where is only one close connection of nectar like eternal love with God, with nature, with human and all creatures. Come and join our society. There an amazing new world is awaiting you!                       


Originally Humanism is our Religion, our Devotion to human interests.





  Maha Manan is one of two ways of 'Maha Vad', 'Maha Manan' is the path of true spiritual knowledge. Other path is 'Maha Sadhana' –the path of devotion, the path of eternal love. For 'Maha Sadhana' please visit  this web site–

The determination and contemplation for self-development ( Maha Atma Vikash ) is 'MahaManan'. 'Maha' means –great, best, excellent etc. and 'Manan' means –contemplation, determination.

'MahaManan' is the name of our self-development course also.


  'Maha Manan' is the great contemplation, great determination,  ‘Maha Manan’  ––the Way of Blooming  –– the path of blooming consciousness.

  We are just like the opening of a lotus flower – from seed to bud to full blooming. We all are travellers on that Way of Self-Realization– self-development.

‘Maha’ means great, excellent and

‘Manan’ means determination, contemplation, conception.


 Since the remote past, we are arousing from a sleeping state of consciousness to the Awakened One. We cross from unconsciousness to become fully alive. Our goal as a soul is to have full Knowledge and full blooming. This development, which goes step by step, is called universal life. When we become perfected at it, we can enter Eternal Life.

     Whether you know it or not yet, anyways, we all are going to that ultimate goal, our Destiny. As long as we are going, the knowledge – consciousness is growing. We question: Who am I? Why do I live? Where am I going? And with the answers that come, the consciousness and the self become larger and deeper. Thus our quest for reality continues. We are searching in every direction for true answers.

        At times it can make us feel hopeless, especially while in a world of crisis. Is there really a satisfying answer? Will my search be rewarded? How to get the True Insights? ‘Maha Vad’ is giving the keys for you to unlock the doors to Real perception. In fact it is only Realizaions that satisfy our soul. ‘Maha Vad’ has come into your life on time, out of necessity.


Maha Jnan Mandal

  Our society is both scientific and spiritual. For conscious people  who have the eagerness for self-knowledge, self-realization and self-development. 

  Our organization is broad minded, humanitarian in scope and for conscious men and women. Our aim is to expand our activities all over the world.

Maha= Great, Jnan (is pronounced like Gyan)= knowledge, Mandal= sphere, circle, division)

Main programs of the 'Maha Jnan Mandal' :


1.                  Expert advice and treatment is given for physical, emotional and mental health using alternative systems.

2.    Self development program thru 'Maha Manan' syllabus, , using yoga, meditation, medical and psychological methods.

3.   Man-making program (part-1): Lessons, instructions and practice schedule for future parents, Coaching before, during and after pregnancy.

4.Man-making program (part-2): Child education for proper development to adulthood, to be extended in society at large.

5.                  Advanced teachings and practice for those who really want to gain true spiritual knowledge, power and realization.

     Besides these, Communicating amongst people world-wide to further develop their own treasures of knowledge.  Promoting further development of member’s progressive initiatives for global enlightenment


              –– You can become a member of ‘Maha Jnan Mandal’ for receiving or giving further help do check our quality standards.


Please get in touch to offer comments and join our mailing list for announcements and special events.

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