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Maha Manan ( Bengali Version )

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Maha Uddesh


* Maha Uddesh – (Maha= Great. Uddesh= motive, aim, object, goal, search.) An Amazing Book to Guide us along the Way

'Maha Uddesh' is the main scripture of 'Maha Vad'

The book contains invaluable knowledge – with explosive truths and facts for both scientific and spiritual conscious men. It reads like an astonishing fairy tale. It is breath-taking and simply stunning. It is an amazing mysterious story about greater worlds. In fact, it’s a new Vedanta of the modern times.     The book is part of the course of ‘Maha Manan’, the self development program giving you the art of better living and pure meditation skills. It is a simple and effective way for self – realization and self –improvement. The book comes along with a tutorial CD, of guided meditations.

Some points that are covered:



           Mystery of creation.

        Creation of material life

        Spirit; Origin and Destiny

        Who am I and Why, –from where to       where.

        Has God, the Source, Personal existence?

        Supreme being  



        Ultimate goal              

        Fortune and Fate – what is it?

        Knowledge and Devotion

        Secrets of Homoeopathic Medicine.

        Eternal Life and Love

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