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Sadness– Hardship & free from them


    This is true that, this great World System is not good for all living things, not suitable.  But still I will say those who can accept this system, heartily can surrender himself/herself completely to this system, and can live nicely to greater extent. And this is also correct that, this worldly system does not want us to accept it completely, to surrender completely to it. It’s main purpose is to give us sadness – hardship – pain. If you can accept happily with the head bowed, the  sadness – hardship – pains of this heartless – cruel system, then only, you can live well to a great extent ( if you want to know, what type is this greatly system, & why it want to give us sadness – hardship – pain, –you have to read our main religious scripture – Maha Uddesh ).

    Two category people accept this system, the first is, true followers of Knowledge Yoga– those who with the purpose of gaining true Knowledge, with the purpose to know the true form of this great worldly system, undergoes great sadness – hardship – pain – travels along road, after attaining true knowledge, realises that – there is no other way, than accepting this system, creatures have no independent role, s/he is only a part of this system ( due to independent feeling s/he may feel –s/he is simply a puppet of this system ) then, they accept it, without finding other alternative. If a person reaches more higher stage of Knowledge-Yoga, then s/he becomes one in spirit.

     The other category, those who are followers of Devotion-Yoga, they do not want to know anything – understand anything.  They do not understand ‘system’, they only know their dearest, wholehearted praying God (in own desired form, in own way). They surrender themselves to God, they are free form all burdens. Along with accepting the God completely, they heartily and easily accept his all activities or miracles. In other way they accept this great worldly system. They feel, whatever God does – all for the good. Whatever way he keeps, they are satisfied with that. They feel that, God is Examining their devotion – respect – faith – depending ness by giving in this examination. So “how mach sadness you give, I will never be separated form your lotus feet”. If a person passes this exam, s/he can gradually union with God.


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Neither to take sadness – nor to give others sadness.


    "– By mistake if you cause sadness to others, you ask forgiveness. I will rectify own

mistakes, and having rectified own self, by realising own fault I will feel joyful. I will never accept sadness. As I do not want sadness, as sadness harms me. So whatever happens I will never accept sadness but from every incident, I will find happiness. Apparently viewing, whatever the sad incidents, I will search knowledge – experience from that and I will be happy."




   "Whatever we do – whatever we think, all those we are forced to do, so we do. Our feeling of isolation – freedom, feeling of egoism – proud ness, not having correct opinion about own self and the world, we thing, we are only doing." 



"Do not find me, find the meaning of my speech. Find out the aim of life through my philosophy, systems of teachings. Proceed with help of my shown path, and procedures, you will find everything." – MahaAnand



   “The empathy, sympathy, love, duty, feeling of responsibility which a person feels for all Human Beings, in short it is called Humanity.”

 – MahaAnand 




"Faith is human being’s uncommon power, if you can channelise this in good path, you will get good result. Or due to blindness or for someone’s evil self interest fulfillment, channelised to wrong track – terrible wrong result take place."




“While mixing up with illiterate ignorant people–be very careful. After this, if he things himself to be very clever, bear direspect for knowledgeable person, then its good to avoid them”.






   "We say and think externally, ‘happiness wanted’ but internally, beyond our knowledge, the opposite action takes place – there, some opponent party is sitting, he brings the sadness by calling. So that we become sad, he thinks that way, does that type of work. In many thinks, he shows dissatisfaction, dislike ness, impatience, frustration, greediness, jealousy, hatred etc. Whatever are the creator of sadness, he catches that only always."




   "Those who feel very joyful – over excited with joy on receiving of their demands, they become very sad and break down due to frustration, on not receiving according to their demands. Those, whose demands are strong, their receiving or non-receiving of their demands makes them joyful – happy and sad, strongly."




“No one is born as incarnation of God, she/he is made as incarnation of God. As I have been made by my devotees.”  – Maha Anand.








Why do the mind programming


     If you feel, mind is the cause of maximum of sadness, you can achieve beautiful, peaceful life by suitable ‘mind Programming’ (similar to Computer programming ).

    The wilful or deliberate sinner, that is, a person who is knowledgeable but works like un knowledgeable persons. ‘What is to happen will happen’, even after knowing this, the person whose mind does not accept this like a foolish person, as a result, experience sadness– hardship– un peacefulness, for him/her, to bring under control the mind, the only way is to do ‘Mind Programming’.

    The person, who wants to be an eternal lover, who wants to grow up as followers of Devotion-yoga, who wants to lead peaceful– joyful life by surrendering to God, but in spite of wanting this cannot be or do this properly due to bind in customs and restless mind, for them, ‘Mind Programming’ is the only way.

     The learning of ‘Mind Programming’ and practising should be taken or done from the only person who knows the truth or appropriate teacher or a true instructor preceptor. Mind programming, is a type of Yoga –it is also called– ‘Yoganidra’ or Yoga sleep. Many know it by the name of ‘Hypnosis’ or ‘self-hypnosis’. But those, who are not interested in doing ‘Mind Programming’, who are not sufficiently conscious about mind– for them, direct ‘Mind programming’ is not meant. Those who meditate or practice Yoga regularly for self-control, peace and good health, they do it indirectly through process of self-hypnosis. These processes are very good, but direct hypnosis process has better result with in a short time. Those who are not able to do ‘Mind programming’ by direct ‘hypnosis’ due to physical and mental state, structure, ill-health, for them indirect process are only good.

Cause of Sadness – Hardship

    Our mind is responsible for maximum sadness – hardship. But if we minutely note – it can be seen, actually not mind, mainly responsible are deep rooted programs of our mind. Surely the physical structure within mind, ingredients, ill health, these are also responsible to a great extent. If you can change these appropriately, it you can do re-programming of mind or re-orientation you will grow up to be happy-joyful-peaceful. The past generation’s instincts (received at present), and the rituals , customs received, has covered our mind in such a way that, in maximum cases, we notice the sadness –hardship, –bad side, –it strikes our mind–we do not notice the good side of every subject – every incident in maximum time. As a result, we see more the sadness them happiness. Besides this, our boundless demands are the other reason. Actually, what is to be asked or what should we ask, we do not know. And the nature of becoming sad, if we do not get as per our demand, – if you cannot change this nature, you cannot be happy. What type will be our demands, and what should be done, if we don not get as per our demands, what should be done that time – regarding this, we should take appropriate lesson, and program our mind according to that, and make our body health and keep health – you can achieve happiness – peace – joy. As much ill fate may come in your life – you will never feel hardship. But this gaining lesson, this programming, all this depends on your luck. Those who can do this, they can surely achieve good luck. To learn the basic knowledge of the first lesson of this course, programmes is that, at first, you have to learn the clear knowledge of life, great life, true creation theory, luck. The great Guru MahaAnand’s educational programme regarding developed, happy, beautiful life is ‘MahaManan’ programmes.    



God’s Message

            I like more, the two to four Knowledgeable Devotee, compared to hundred thousands un knowledgeable blind devotee. After knowing me perfectly– after knowing my real form, who loves me, his love is desirable by me. All knowledgeable persons may have blind emotions which is the apparent price of love, but that is unlucky element. Many a times, this madness takes deadly form. So I tale all my devotees first know me (know moon – as the moon is like), know my real form, even after that, if you like– love as much as you like. That much is only the true love.

You all be lover of truth, be eager of real knowledge. Be life centred. This path is very painful, still this the only path. Think, I have to undergo the mixtures of yours sadness – hardship – pain. But there is no alternative; this is only law of the worldly system. If you attain perfect knowledge – sufficient knowledge, then you will have no more pain, then you can enjoy forever endless happiness – pure peace. Proceed with the aim of attaining this future’s happiness – with the hope of attaining endless peace. Never be diverted by Heaven’s false tales, do not run about like mads, by being bewildered by the false promises of religious-business persons. That path is not life’s path. Proceed on the path of truth – knowledge.




One day a devotee told me that he does not want anything, only want to serve God. Then I asked him, what type of servant you want to become, – efficient servant or inefficient servant? – Low category servant, far off servant, high category servant, servant very close to God, – very favourite dearest? Listening to me, he felt uneasy, looked at me with open mouth. I explained him with example, let’s take for example – a special rich person, – he has many servants within his home and outside and at his working place. Some one work in his garden, someone looks after his vehicles, someone cleans his home, or someone supplies water for his bath – someone serves the food, someone messages his legs – hands – body. And some servants are there, who help him at his working place. There are present several categories of servants. High category servants who understand his master’s demand, desires and dislike ness, they understand the mood of master, the working style of master – understand the purpose of work – they are very favourite servants of the master. And so, you want to become which category of these. That devotee replied instantly, I want to become high category – favourite servant. Then I said to him, at first you have to gain knowledge about God. You have to understand his world, his demand, his working style. Along with that, you have known your self, according to your qualities and tendencies; you have to be fit for any of his special work or service. Like an inefficient servant, if you supply salt instead of lime, when asked for, he will surely not love you. So the first is, you know him and know your self, then become his fit servant.


Love for God

            Real love develops between equals. A person of high category – the others person of low category, a person of high caste – the other of low caste, in that case, due to blind emotion, love may develop but does not achieve permanency. Or one way or one sided love may develop, but that does not lead to development of proper love relation. Love should be between equals. Those who love God or want to love God, or engrossed in love for God, it is applicable for them too. If you want to develop sweet love relation with God, first you have to know God in his true form and identity. If you have loved some imaginary form of God, then when you will know the real form of God in future, yours love’s base may shake. It may seem that soil is moving away from below your feet. And like mad, if you can remain engrossed with your imaginary God, if you do not expect any answer – any return from your real God, then you can remain happy surely. But that will be like one sided or false love or love of a penniless for the riches child. If you really want to love God, then after knowing the real form of God, you have to upgrade and prove fit, close to the stage of God.

            For that, you have to pray whole heartedly to God so that you may become fit for his love. This is ‘Maha Sadhana’. Do not possess this idea that God loves his whole creation and loves equally. In past days, God has created many such things, which was not up to his full satisfaction and he has destroyed all of them. As you like the good thing more, God is also the same. So you have to be good at first, so that along with others, God also can not remain without loving you. So pray to God, for attaining knowledge – consciousness, pray for to be positive, and along with that make efforts to achieve them. By seeing your efforts and hearing your prayers and being happy, if he loves you, eager to get your love, then on one side as he will help you to step up (develop), make you develop, similarly on other side, he will step down a lots. As a result equality will be created between both, closeness will be created and deep love relation will then develop.



To be free from worldly sadness – hardship – distress, you have been running from here and there, and praying for help and blessing, – now be quiet a little, and give a look towards your own inner self. Try to understand, your state of distress is due to lack of sufficient consciousness – knowledge and self power. If these realisations if really firm then come to me, I will show you the path of true self-development.           – MahaAnand  


For a person who is fully physically and mentally healthy, only that person can remain always happy. So care should be taken to keep physically and mentally health.


How you are taking this world and its happenings, on that depends your condition – whether you remain good or not etc. depends lots.


Though this world is not everlasting, find out, ever in these also, you will find some regularity – eternity and truth, if you are able to take shelter of that you will get the meet of immortality.


In reality, the path of moving in ‘Maha (great) life’ are not many – path is one, leaving behind the starting point, we all are progressing forward. This long path’s separate parts have separate names, different – different form – structure. We each person are in one – one part. In one – one part of this long path, some are moving sticking to left, some are sticking to right, or some are sticking to middle of road and proceeding forward. Consciously or unconsciously we all are proceeding on the same path – towards the target of blooming of consciousness – blooming of Mind.


When your reaction is good or bad, for any others behaviour – its means, you feel that person, to be one like you, feel similar to you. You are give sufficient importance to him / her and you also expect equal or more importance from him / her. If someone’s happiness touches you, if the happiness is resonant in your mind, feel empathetic, then his sadness – his anti behaviour, will surely create negative reaction, sadness – hardship, anger – dissatisfaction, in your mind. Generally it is not possible that, people behaviour will only have good effect – only be happy – be joyful, will never be sad – will never have negative effect. If you are happy, you have to be sad also. Only a change can be brought to mind, with special programming. That also, not for all persons. If a person always remains the same at other’s good or bad behaviour, express good feeling, then either s / he is indifferent, minded or programmed minded or s / he is of unusual minded person.

  Prepared the mind in such a way that, it does not become sad, due to any incident. Suppose, you have lost a costly thing, for which, generally, sadness–mourning–repentance, sorry filling etc. may be arise in the mind. What will you do – if you notice – there is some possibility to get that back, then keeping the mind calm, try your best efforts to get that back. If you find, there is no possibility to getting that back or you to have to pay much more (this ‘pay’ is not only related to money–keeping in mind of all the aspects), then say to yourself– “What was to go has gone, I will not be sad – mourn, repent, fell sorry for that, let it go” – After saying this to own self, divert the mind from that subject as if, noting special has happened. With this filling, in the other works will be involved. It is like you beautiful art to divert the mind – to rub off from mind. To learnt this lesson of controlling the mind, to make the mind well educated – you have to take the lesson of our ‘Maha-Atma Vikash’ program – ‘Maha Manan’ regularly.

            If any how, you get back that costly thing again, then also, don’t be happy. keep in mind, if you be happy on receiving, then not-getting will surely make you sad. More joyfulness–More happiness, may be the cause of more sadness, this should be kept in mind. Then, will the life, become unhappy? – No, not that also. You will receive an extraordinary joy in loosing or receiving, yourself unattached and free from illusion, self-controllable – that spiritual joy, pure joy you will attain. This joy is pure joy – Maha Anand! But you should not feel proudly in ableing to do that, then due to this illusive blindness, you may again fall into sadness.

Speech of Maha Anand


    “As much a person is conscious about the Mind, as much a person has control over the Mind, he is that much a person. The day, when you become the master of mind, then understand, that day, you become the Human Being. In that sense, we are Baby-Human Beings, still now, we are not complete Human Being. First, we have to be Human Beings, our apparent target is to become the Human Beings” – Maha Anand.


            “As much as you gain control over your own body and mind, that much, the outer world, will be under your control. Your worldly joy and achievement depends on spreading the influence on your front person……Sadness-Hardship is partly physical and maximum mental. You can be free mental sadness  –hardship by making the mind self-conscious and well learned by attaining self-knowledge. You will be able to cure maximum part, the physical hardship-diseases, with the help of mental power gradually” – Maha Anand.

Human Beings of the stage of childhood of consciousness.


Those who believe with simple mind the different impractical stories of religion–think everything to be true, whatever you may call them but cannot say, enough conscious and practical knowledgeable person. In correct sense, they are in the stage of childhood of consciousness. If a child things own self to be a child, then no problem is there. But instead of that, he things own self to be matured–knowledgeable–everything-knowing, then is created the problem. Not only that, this causes harm to own self, along with that, surrounding children and elderly persons are also harmed. If a child thinks own self to be a child, in normal law of nature, then, there is an effort in him to grow up and develop. S/he has to grow up to a great highness, step by step from the present stage – this program will gradually help him to step high gradually. Surrounding persons also come forward to help in his development. But, instead of that, if he things, he has grown sufficiently elder, and already developed, then nothing is to happen. Besides, commanding over persons or attaining of salvation, he has no other alternative, in front of him. In this situation, as much chaos, which is supposed to take place, – the normal path of gradual development, which is supposed to be blocked, that same happens in our society. Religion – country – everything have now taken the child’s (Child consciousness human beings) guise of knowledge, consciousness, under control and is the matured ness of these guised guardians. Brutal – evil doer – destroyer – robbers, they are also persons of childish consciousness; their mentality is also the same, but they are of very ill-formed mentality with excited, mad-like child or childish conscious persons.

‘Disguised or guised person’ this world is definitely not applicable for all, because many of them are grown up in consciousness–developed–do not have any idea regarding growing up to be a true human being. They are lead by innocence–blind emotions–false pride and wrong teachings and so do everything. Whatever they do due to ignorance and lack of right teachings, they think all of them to be correct and so they do. Only they are disguised or in a guise, are those who, in spite of knowing themselves to be mentally a child or a immatured, for self-interest, for capturing the power, represents themselves to be a grown or aged person. They are very clever child or childish conscious persons. But their consciousness is comparatively a little more than a child.

Self-suggestion ( For my Students and devotees )


‘I will not accept sadness. I will not accept or give a place in mind, those which gives birth to sadness. The birth giver of sadness is – un satisfaction, dislike ness, impatience, frustration, hatred, irritation, greediness, jealousy, anger, illusion, infatuation, aversion, ignorance, diseases etc. I will always be self-conscious, always remain cautious of these relations. Not give a place in the mind, to these. Among these diseases, unhealthiness are the main causes of sadness, I will remain cautious about these relations and try to be healthy.’


Self-Suggestion( For my Students and devotees )


‘I will not be sad for any incident, but gain lesson – gain knowledge. Be happy through gaining lesson and knowledge – be joyful.’

“My loving devotes, whenever you are in any trouble, in any danger, whenever you will remember me heartily, I will surely save you.” – Maha Anand


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