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Maha Manan

Maha Yoga



Unveiling:  Mystery of yoga –––Maha Anand


    Yoga,  Yoga means union or unite. Like ‘one’ and ‘one’ equal to ‘two’. But in higher level of yoga, there is ‘one’ and ‘one’ equal to ‘one’, being single by mixed up. In practical yoga, ‘yoga’ term is used as a way or process or procedure of being united. It happens according the demand of individual, such as, union of mind and body, union of conscious mind and sub conscious mind, union of one’s mind and another’s mind, union of individual’s mind and God mind. An active effort to fulfill one’s demand through yoga procedure is called yoga practice and worship. The internal truth is disclosed to a ‘yogi’ I mean yoga performer, when it happens the right union between ‘yogi’ and his subject. An yogi also get the control on his subject of yoga. There is the success of yoga.



More about Yoga – S.Ray

 ‘Yoga’ is a very old procedure of self development and self treatment, created by a few sages in ancient time in India. Here, Maha Anand has described about this ‘yoga’, which was originated in India. The term ‘yoga’ is Indian. If there is another ‘yoga’ in another place, in another form, we do not know about that.

   In other side, it happened, the original Indian ‘yoga’ had been circulated by many ignorant in ugly form, in different places, in different times. For that reason, there is a wrong idea in many persons about Indian ‘yoga’.

   In India here, four type of yoga is practiced widely. (1)  The ‘hathh-yoga’– it is like a physical exercise, it is practiced for physical health mainly. (2) The ‘Raj-yoga’– meditation procedure, it is for mental health and physical health also. (3) 'Bhakti Yoga' ('Maha Sadhana')–it is devotion-yoga. (4) The ‘Maha Atma Vikash Yoga’ or briefly ‘Maha-yoga’(Maha Manan)– developed by Maha Anand, is a new form of ‘jnan-yoga’ (knowledge-yoga), including ‘Raj-yoga’– for self development with self realization and physical improvement, by knowing– who I am, from where I came and where to go.

    ‘yoga’ is not a game, not magic or tricks and artifices. It is a science based procedure. By studying and practicing it you may  develop your self easily. By depending on 'yoga’, specially ‘Maha Manan'---'Maha Yoga’ ( a self development program including ‘the art of better living’ and ‘pure meditation’ ) you will get more beautiful and happy life. To enjoy the life more nicely, for self realization and self development, to get a healthy and prosperous life, you will have to practice regularly.

    Our organization 'Maha Jnan Mandal' of ‘MAHA’ society is trying to make known the truth about your self, about yoga and the right path of self development.

I pray your cooperation, 


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'Maha Manan' that is to say---'Maha Atma Vikash Yoga' in short 'Maha-Yoga'(the excellent self-development yoga) is not only some different from other yoga procedure, But some thing special. 'Maha-Yoga' is the higher education of Yoga learning. Welcome, those who are eager to know the secret of yoga. 'Maha-Yoga' is complete Yoga. It is combination of very needful things, for getting favourable results. 'Maha-Yoga' is a combination of traditional method like ‘Raj-Yoga’, ‘Hath-Yoga’ etc. Rich with scientific methods like ‘Jnan-Yoga’ (Knowledge-Yoga), modern psychology, true spiritualism, new philosophy of 21st. century( shown by Maha Anand ) and art of healing through alternative systems of treatment.

Besides this there is another wing in 'Maha Vad',  it is 'Maha Sadhana' (devotion yoga).  

'Maha Atma Vikash Yoga' briefly 'Maha yoga' is an unique self development course, from basic knowledge-- true theosophical knowledge to knowledge for better life-- the art of better living. 

Courses are:

Sahaja Prana-yoga( easy pranayam )

course duration: three days.

Swa-abhibhavan Prana-yoga (pranayam with self-suggestion)

course duration: seven days.

Koondalini jagaran Prana-yoga (awakening of conscious level)

course duration: seven days.

Dhanatmak Prana-yoga (positive pranayam)

course duration: three days.

Rinatmak Prana-yoga (negative pranayam)

course duration: three days.

Sampoorna Prana-yoga (complete pranayam)

course duration: seven days.


Maha Dhyana (Pure meditation)

course duration: thirty days.

MahaAnand-Dhyana (devotional meditation) through song, dance & music,

course duration: fifteen days.

Maha Yoga-nidra (yoga-sleep) course duration: fifteen days.

Maha Sabasana (right relaxation)

course duration: fifteen days.

Yoga-therapy & Healing meditation

(for single disease) course duration: fifteen days.


Maha Anand’s self-development and self-management program –– 'Maha Manan'(Maha-Yoga) education for better life.   short course, duration: 90 days.

full course, duration: 180 days.


After the completion of every course the certificate is given. Special talented students can achieve the particular title and honor.

An amazing Spiritual Treatment of ‘MAHA’ for Chronic and Complicated Diseases.


First prescription:

  1. Come shelter of MahaAnand.
  2. Do muttering the name –– ‘MahaAnand’ silently (in your mind) always or often times.
  3. ‘Maha Prana-yoga’ (with consciously deep breathing) –– Breath into deeply and feel that, supreme Power is entering into. Hold the air as long as you can and feel; successively you are becoming full of Positive Power. After that, breathe out slowly and feel, all your sickness, weakness, negativeness and influence of misfortune are going out. You may make self-suggestion as your requirements. Such as ––you may tell yourself silently, “Maha Shakti” (Supreme Power)––at the time, when the air is entering into. You may tell, “I am becoming Healthy and Powerful”, at the time, you are holding the air. At the time of breathing out, you may tell yourself, “I am becoming free from all diseases–– all negativeness –– evil influences –– misfortune” etc. practice it 8 times in a day, in every time do it as long as you can. Do it in any sitting position, keeping your spinal cord strait. Do not do it after heavy meal.
  4. Sit in any comfortable position. Keep your eyes closed and focus your mind on your sick part. Meditate on it. Stay as long as you can. Practice it 4 times daily.

Gradually you can feel the Healing touch of MahaAnand.


Maha Manan


––An incomparable excellent education syllabus on self-development program, taught by MahaAnand ––the great sage of the modern age.

Make your life brighten and more bloomed, also bring in your life an unprecedented amazing lucky change.



Welcome to social service minded volunteer, who wants to enjoy better life and those who want to be Preachers of 'MahaVad'. 




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Are you passing a very bad time –suffering from misfortune?

Is there nothing to free from it?

Now leave all and get shelter of the MahaAnand.

Establish a temple of MahaAnand and be preacher.

You will find amazingly, how soon the bad time will be gone!    


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