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Q . Who is called devotion yogi (those who want to communicate with God through devotion)?      ––S. Mallik


A . The one who has completely surrendered his / her mind on God is the real devotion yogi. In whatever state the God keeps, s/he is happy in that only. In hundreds of unhappiness - hardship also s/he feels, the affectionate touch of kind goodly God. S/he feels, whatever God does is for the good. S/he says, “In my tiny intelligence, very less knowledge, I am unable to feel God’s work and his aim”.



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Q : Has God created this world ?  ––Tanmoy Ghosh


Ans. : In reality, God is himself, this world. As a tree grows from a seed, similarly he also has gradually developed this world from world seed. As you have a mind within you, similarly, this world-body has a world mind in it. That is God mind. In the past, God from his childhood and teenage little conscious mind, has created numerous types of animals and plants, from his small conscious mind by his own element. In reality, these animals and plants are parts of this world or God. One part of this world has been created spontaneously-without the wish of God, the other part, has been created, due to God’s desire-with himself, he has played the game of breaking & making, many times, severally (from where, the God is created or this world, in order to know, you have to read ‘Maha-Uddesh’.

Q. : Is there possibility to be free from physical demands ?––S. Biswas


Ans. : Real knowledgeable persons, great men, so to say prophets or messengers sent by God, whoever it be incarnations of God gets bodily structure, S/he has to fallow the commands of the demands of a human body. Whether parents can give us any richness – property or cannot give through the hereditary rights, they (with the body) give definitely one or the other noticeable or hidden diseases, and different customs and programmes. We are all independent persons by assimilating the different degree of different combination. The person, who is engrossed in spiritual thinking or high category thinking, S/he also does, on the basis of physical structure – component and as per the physical demands and instructions. The always active subconscious mind is the physical body lover mind or body based mind. Whole day’s and night’s maximum workings are performed by this mind. A little or more, we are all under blindness – innocence – illusion – infatuation of this mind. Depending on the major minor development of conscious mind, some of us are inferior persons, some great persons. Body with the brain is our hardware, and mind is the active software, which is created and survives on that base. We get this hardware & software copy hereditarily from our parents, and in our life time, this mind form software develops partly, according to our speed and type of work by acquired knowledge and experience. Some only doing bad work – thinks bad, and some do good work – thinks good – this cannot be. More or less both category activeness is present in all. Great category persons, suppresses his / her bad qualities, rectifies or channelises differently, or hides from every person. If we read the life history of Great people, we can notice that is only filled with good qualities, but in practical it is not that, more or less with good – bad, we are human beings. If we read the philosophy of Hahnemann’s Homeopathy, you can understand that, no person can be without faults of Psora, Sychosis, Syphilis etc. Many may reject Hahneman’s Philosophy because of it being unscientific, but I know, this philosophy is based on how much truth. So I do not consider them scientific, who comment’s against that. Let it be, behind the bad demands instructions of body and mind, there exists the unhealthy body and mind and less of consciousness. So the perfect work will be, not to suppress these demands, and to do appropriate treatment of that unhealthiness, according to the symptoms. Generally the healthy body-mind’s demands are good, but due to ignorance and unhealthy surrounding, that can be descending and as a result, good person may become sick, and as a result the bad demands may be seen in them.

Q. : Are we all mad ?    ––M. Saha


Ans. : By ‘Mad’, surely you do not mean real mad. All people are not mad. But majority of  people in any of case or subject, more or less maniac or fanciful or partly mad. Do you know, two persons – one religious mad are mad in name of God, and the other is normal mad. Now, the normal mad persons are rewarded with kick–broom thrash, and religious mad or mad in name of God, persons have been rewarded with ‘Rajbhogh’ (King size sweets of Bengal) – worship – love – care. All these have happened, according to our mind’s program.

     Those who are throwing stones at the mad, disturbing and besides it, making them excited, they are also one type of time being mad. Those who are fanatics, those who are engrossed gorgeously in the great festival centering around the religious – aren’t those madness, not the symptoms of mad like persons.

      In reality, at most all of us, at different times, more or less at different level, we are influenced by symptoms of mad like persons.

     In maximum cases blindness due to innocence mixed illusion. More or less in the level, and variously, some are called mad by these mad persons, some are not called mad by these mad persons, In spite of they are mad. Some are considered to be respected persons – some are tortured. Mad’s mind have similarity with mad’s mind – due to un similarity, this is happening.


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